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Widgeonwood products can be found in "season" between May & October at The Prairie Village Shops at 71st and Mission, under the "clock tower". A "Widgeonwood Pantry" is located inside Delaware Interiors at 3848 W. 75th Street in Prairie Village. Call there anytime and check on availability...913-384-0330. Feel free to email or call the farm at anytime to check on pricing & place an order. We can ship anywhere in the USA & our happy to do gift boxes/baskets. Widgeonwood2@aol.com or 573-584-3385
Here is a list of some of our products! Don't hesitate to mail or call the farm for availability/pricing & to place an order! Widgeonwood2@aol.com or 573-584-3385 Produce available in SEASON only!
Jams, Jellies & Glazes: apricot jalapeno bacon glaze, oven roasted apple butter, Missouri wild blackberry jam, Missouri blueberry jam, Champagne cranberry jelly, Champagne wild mint jelly, English orange marmalade, Missouri wild plum jelly, summer lady peach jam, gourmet simply pear preserves, Missouri red raspberry jam, very special seedless black raspberry jam, Queen Victoria heirloom rhubarb jam, Ozark beauty strawberry jam, spontaneous combustion (hot peppery jelly), Vidal onion/garlic glaze

Sugar Free Jams & Jellies: fire roasted apple butter, blackberry, blueberry, peach, strawberry, red raspberry, seedless black raspberry

Gourmet dessert sauces: chocolate raspberry truffle sauce, dark chocolate grand marnier chocolate fondue sauce, French bittersweet chocolate sauce, better than sex sauce (a creme' caramel with toasted pecans)

Salsa's & Sauces & Meatpaints: fire roasted black bean & corn salsa, hot cha cha cherry salsa, sweet vidalia peach salsa, raspberry rumba salsa, hotter than hell fire roasted five pepper salsa, oven roasted tomato garlic pasta/bread dip sauce, farmhouse bbq meatpaint, raspberry hellfire meatpaint, merlot steak sauce, port wine cranberry sauce, cranberry splurge, oven roasted applesauce

Mustards & Dressings: aneth' moutarde (dill mustard), Champagne moutarde, English pub horseradish mustard, very special wild blackberry mustard, spicy cranberry mustard, Portofino balsamic vinaigrette dressing, raspberry vinaigrette dressing, sweet apple honey mustard vinaigrette dressing.

Pickles and Relishes: pickled asparagus, Josephine's bread and butters, pickled green beans, fresh pack dill pickles, red pepper/tomato/cabbage chow chow, Mediterranean eggplant caponata, sweet pepper & onion melange, sweet pickled baby beets
Gourmet Soups: fresh green tomato soup, red Spanish gazpacho, spicy peach gazpacho, New Orleans gumbo

Gourmet Fruit by the Quart: summer lady peach halves & duchess pear halves
Gourmet Cake Mixes: quatre' chocolat gateau, italiano crema' torta, lemon poppy seed

Widgeonwoods' Famous "CheeseWheel"
Our "cheesewheels" can be special ordered and shipped to you! I've been making these 3- layer savory cheese tortes for over 20 years. The first layer is natural cream cheese & N.Y. Extra Sharp Cheddar. The second layer is cream cheese & seasonal herbs with sun dried tomato. The third layer is cream cheese & baby Vidalia or sweet red onion. Cheesewheel comes in two sizes. The 10-inch wheel is $60 and the 7-inch is $30! Topping for your "cheesewheel" varies by the "season"...from edible flowers to fresh herbs!


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